Remich City

D’Pärel vun der Musel

The T-Shirt Design Remich City « D’Pärel vun der Musel » is a long overdue project of mine by which I hope to give back some love and appreciation to the city i’ve been living my entire life in.

They say that there’s no place like home and Remich City is definitely a nice place to live in. Located on the banks of the Mosel river in the midst of Luxembourg’s wine region Remich represents without a doubt one of the most entertaining spots in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.

Therefore Remich city has been nicknamed « D’Pärel vun der Musel » (The pearl of the mosel) which goes without saying that this title matches the city’s flair. With it’s many attractions one thing’s for sure, time spent in Remich City is never wasted.

So to sum up my love letter i did come up with this T-Shirt design so you too can get some Remich City freshness and rock your day in style. Contact me and get yours right now.

All the T-Shirts are printed by the Ateliers Kräizbierg from Dudelange and produced by Neutral a licensed Fairtrade and EU Ecolabel company.

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A big thank you goes out to everybody involved in the photo and videoshooting.
There are still some more stories being written so stay tuned the saga continues.

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@ Moes Freres

From now on you can buy your Remich City T-Shirt at  Moes Frères s.àr.l. 4, Op der Kopp L-5544 Réimech

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